Having a good dessert at the end of the food menu satisfies everyone at the party. You might be familiar with various types of desserts that have yummy tastes. However, a simple dessert becomes highly delicious if you add a slight amount of Frangelico liqueur. You may also drink Frangelico straight from the bottle while having other desserts. Choose a fruit-infused or chocolaty-flavoured dessert for the best experience.

    Frangelico liqueur with pancakes

    Some store-bought pancakes are full of chocolate hazelnuts. You have to heat them in your oven to add a mixture of Frangelico and melted butter. Using the Frangelico liqueur, you can improve the taste of your pancakes. Your pancakes will not become too crispy.

    White chocolate cheesecake and Frangelico

    White chocolate cheesecakes can be infused with the nutty-flavoured liqueur. You have to melt white chocolate and create your batter. To create the best sublime undertone, you can pour some Frangelico. It is a party-worthy dessert to impress your guests. Although cheesecakes are common desserts, the liqueur makes them unique.

    Hazelnut chocolate cakes with Frangelico

    The hazelnut chocolate cake is the right choice for those who love a gluten-free dessert. Some people buy the drink and the chocolate cake to serve their guests. However, if you want to prepare the cake on your own, you may use roasted hazelnuts as the toppings.

    Frangelico Affogato ice cream

    This is another elegant and delicious dessert for your dear ones. You may also serve the liqueur in a cocktail glass. Add some cocoa powder as the topping for your dessert. Almond biscotti can also be placed with a number of strawberries. Moreover, some people like to add coffee to this dessert to get a unique taste.

    Frangelico pairs well with other foods that contain raisins, dates and other dried fruits. Pair them with the liqueur to create your own recipe. The natural sweetness of dried fruits and Frangelico add flavour to your drink.

    If you love dessert drinks with Frangelico, you may try out:

    Frangelico Coffee

    If you prefer Irish coffee, you will surely love Frangelico coffee. The rich, nutty taste will win your heart. 

    Frangelico Spritz

    It is the best semi-sweet drink, which combines Frangelico with sparkling white wine. You will enjoy a nutty and balanced drink.

    More about Frangelico to help you create your recipes

    High-quality hazelnuts have made Frangelico different from other drinks. The particular type of hazelnut used for the drink is grown locally. The nutty flavour in the drink is highly prominent. The liqueur is produced by toasting and crushing hazelnuts. After pulverising these nuts, they are added to the alcoholic solution. Besides, there is a blend of cocoa seeds and roasted coffee in the liqueur.

    The sweet, nutty liqueur Frangelico has an unmistakable flavour. The use of this liqueur adds complexity and depth of aroma to the dessert. However, Frangelico is also a good choice for other tangy dishes. So, buy Frangelico liqueur online and make the pairings in your own way.