Payal Dhare is a popular gamer, You Tuber, and S8UL Content Creator, and her popular name over social media is Payal Gaming, she is an Indian YouTuber, Gamer, and Social media influencer known for her live game streams on YouTube and for amazing photos and videos on her social media channel like Instagram, YouTube.

    Payal Gaming Biography

    Payal Gaming

    Payal Gaming real name is Payal Dhare Aka. She was born on 18 September 2000 in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India. She is the most famous social media Influencer and has 3 million Subscribers on YouTube. and similarly, she earned 2 M followers on Instagram, by posting hot images, and videos. Payal inspires aspiring actresses to succeed on stage. Payal gaming provides valuable information, to all levels of gamers.

    Payal Gaming Age

    Payal was born on 8 September 2000, as of 2023, the Payal Gaming age is 22 years. Payal Dhare stands out with her incredible looks, beautiful smile, and great personality, and her popularity has increased thanks to her stunning photos and videos.

    Payal Gaming Height, weight, and physical appearance

    Payal Dhare is a slim girl who exercises regularly to maintain her slim figure. It also comes with good eating. Payal’s look is beautiful. Well, her height is about 5’5′ tall. This is 165cm and weighs about 55 kg. It measures about 32.28.32. She has beautiful black colored eyes and black colored hair.

    Her style of interacting with fans is entirely different, and she delivers excellent content that keeps viewers engaged. She offers various games, challenges, QNAS, and many more. She appeared in several videos.

     Payal’s Family

    Father Mr. Dhare
    Mother Mrs. Dhare
    Sister Mona Dhare
    Brother Not known

    Payal was born and raised in a middle-class family in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.  She went to school in Bhilai and graduated from Chhattisgarh itself. Payal Dhare’s life was challenging to become successful; she has faced many challenges. Most people like to watch her videos today as she is very polite with their fans.

    Payal’s Professional Career

    • She started playing PUBG after GHATAK Gaming recommended downloading and trying it. Sue did and loved it. After a few tries, she started to play very well and decided to keep playing. Then she started streaming. 
    • In 2019, she launched her channel and uploaded a debut video titled “SEE HOW LUCKY I AM! 28 Crates Opening PUBG Mobile,” Within the same year, she gained more than 157k views on that video. Her video has become very viral among people.
    • First, she just voted for their game on YouTube, and then fans demanded that a video camera or game be introduced, so she started streaming live cams and uploading video game demos. Her live sessions are long, 2 Or 3 hours, and sometimes longer. 
    • Entity Gaming India also featured it and launched games and content for her. Payal Dhare is performing professionally with Entity Clan and on her live stream. 
    • Before PUBG was banned in India, she was utterly in love with PUBG and dedicated herself only to PUBG. It is only used to play on mobile devices, especially iPhones. Nowadays, various games are played on mobile devices and even on PCs. 
    • She is a professional abstract player. Before PUBG got banned, she only used to okay PUBG on her channel; after that, her viewership decreased significantly.
    • She also brought various other sports. Being a famous streamer, many people like to watch her channel. 
    • Currently mainly playing BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is the new PUBG in India. The live broadcast where she played BGMI was well received, as many Indians are big fans of the game.

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    Payal Gaming’s Relationship status

    As per the social media rumour, the gamer Jonathan Amaral, is Payal ex boyfriend and the Gamer Umang is the person, who is the present boyfriend of her, he is dating payal, as we confirmed that this information is based on rumour. On her social media handle she shows her relationship status is single as of current reports. so according to social media, Payal has no boyfriend.

    Payal Dhare Social Media Popularity

    Payal Dhare on YouTube

    Payal gaming on YouTube

    Payal Gaming has 3.13 Million subscribers on youtube channel, On YouTube official channel, her official id name is Payal Gaming and where she uploaded 662 videos and on the other side, on Youtube official shorts channel, she have 528k Subscribers and 119 short videos uploaded by her. and on the u tube shorts her official name is Payal shorts.

    Payal started streaming on her YouTube channel in March 2019. She gained a huge fan following in a short period thanks to her excellent acting skills.

    Payal Gaming On Instagram

    Payal Gaming On Instagram

    Payal dhare is one of the most popular girls on Instagram. where she have huge fanbase, on Instagram she shares our gaming reels, photos along with this she also shares her stylish outfits and model photos.

    On the Instagram, Payal Gaming Official Id is “PayalGamingg“, where she have 2.3 Million Followers, and 391 following, where she posted overall 275 posts, she is also a content creator, so on Instagram her Content creation Id is @s8ul.esports.

    She regularly shows the game BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) and GTA V, among others.

    Know about the payal gaming BGMI id

    Payal gaming bgmi id number

    She mainly plays fighting games like BGMI, GTA, and other arcade games on her channel and belongs to the Entity Gaming Clan. Payal Gaming BGMI ID is 5120321397, and its IGN is EntityPaYaL.

    Payal Gaming Net Worth

    Payal dhare earns a lot of money through her YouTube channels and manages her social media accounts through Sweat and Sailburger. Payal has also promoted various products on her YouTube and Instagram accounts. 

    However, it is estimated that Payal Gaming net worth is around $500 000 or more (approximately$500, 000), although there is no accurate information about Payal Dhare’s income. 

    Payal Gaming Achievements and Winning Awards. 

    • The Face of the Year in 2021
    • YouTube Silver Play Button for 100k+ subscribers
    • YouTube Golden Play Button for 1 Million+ Subscribers
    • Gaming Icon of the year
    • Famous game streamer girl of the year.

    Payal Hobbies & Interests

    • She likes to click beautiful pictures of herself.
    • She also likes to make Tik Tok videos on Instagram.
    • She loves to try fashionable clothes. 
    • She also loves to do live stream sessions on YouTube while playing games. 

    interesting facts about Payal

    • First of all, her channel is called Entity Payal. So she switched to Payal.
    • Payal Dhare started playing pubg on her channel, and since then, she has become famous. 
    • It was rumored that Payal Dhare’s boyfriend was Soul Rogaltos, but she hasn’t confirmed it and isn’t talking about it. 
    • She joined S8UL after crossing the million mark on her platform Payal Gaming
    • If she were not a gamer, she would be an actor. 


    Who is Payal Gaming?

    Payal Dhare aka, is a famous YouTuber, Gamer, and social media influencer who entertains her followers by showing BGMI and PUBG games. Usually, she follows the trends and tries to be creative in every video. 

    Why is Payal gaming so popular?

    As she began to interact more with the audience, she began to gain confidence and perform in her videos, which was crucial to the success of these live videos. Payal has also emerged as a player in a male-dominated space

    Why Payal has more followers than other YouTubers? 

    Payal’s unique style and fashion sense have caught the attention of thousands of people, including several modeling agencies. Payal supports different brands and works with different influencers.