Truck drivers have faced it all, from unsafe road conditions to reckless behavior from bad drivers.  Looking at the range of dangers truck drivers face every day, it is important to follow safe practices and take the right actions in time.

    Many beginner truck drivers may think that being in this profession and feeling safe do not go hand in hand, but you may be wrong. In most cases, your safety as a truck driver is in your hands. Your reaction to an action can determine every aspect of your life as a professional truck driver.

    Here are some of the most effective safety tips every truck driver must follow.

    1. Plan Ahead

    Every smart truck driver understands the importance of planning. This practice can help you increase your safety manifold and ensure the well-being of the ones around you. For example, truckers in Texas must remain in touch with a Texas trucking accident law firm in case of any unfortunate problems on the way.

    You may also want to be vigilant in high-crime areas. Plan your stops accordingly to ensure that opportunists do not threaten you and your high-value shipment. It is also the best practice to avoid poorly lit areas, especially during the night. 

    1. Follow the Maintenance Schedule

    There is no doubt that trucks are built strong. Their powerful engines and torque set them apart from any ordinary cars. However, that does not mean that your truck does not need timely maintenance to provide you with the best performance.

    Focusing on preventive maintenance rather than facing heavy repair charges later is better. After all, maintenance issues play a huge role in accidents related to trucking. You can avoid things from falling apart by following a strict maintenance schedule for your truck.

    1. Inspect Before and After

    According to federal regulations, every truck driver must perform at least one inspection daily and record it in the hours of service log. This practice can help you sort faults and problems in your truck to reduce the chances of any unfortunate accidents. 

    You can start by visually examining your truck’s essential parts, such as its braking system. This aspect includes air compressors, brake lines, brake pads, rotors, and calipers. In addition, do not forget to ensure the optimum performance of your steering wheels, including the column, rack, and pinion components, power steering fluid, and steering tires.

    1. Avoid Distractions

    Being a truck driver is harder than one may think. It requires focus and dedication. Of course, staying focused can seem hard when you are driving for hours. Many truck drivers get distracted by their phones or something by the roadside. It may be a lot less harmless than you may think.

    You may think it is okay to be distracted for a few seconds, but you cannot risk it with every truck’s speed and weight. Such negligence can lead to horrible accidents, many of which end up being life-threatening. Therefore, being focused every second you are behind the wheel is crucial.