All the video editors who are looking to create a new project might be searching for some great video assets almost for free. Most of them feel editing is a hassle task that consumes a lot of time. So, they might search for anything that will help in the post-production process without paying any penny. Mixkit is a wonder tool that can prove incredibly beneficial for people working on their new video projects. Introduced just last year the website is driving a large number of users each day which proves the actual progress of this feature full tool. 

    An Overview Of Mixkit

    If you are hunting for some outstanding video assets without paying a single penny, while enhancing your overall work, Mixkit is all you need. Obviously, as a video editor, you might like your work to be of the highest quality, and this is where you need this tool. Once you visit its official website, you’ll find a treasure of free video assets that the tool houses. These assets not only make editing easier but also boost the value of your production, making your work appear more professional.

    Top Categories At Mixkit

    Top Categories At Mixkit

    Let us now dive into a wide treasure of categories available on this platform:

    Illustrations and Art

    Although Mixkit doesn’t offer free images, you can discover a collection of free artwork on their site, including some vibrant and creative illustrations. Moreover, the tool lets its users choose to download the image in its original size in wallpaper for your phone or wallpaper for your desktop.

    Music Tracks

    If you are hunting for an element of background music or the soundtrack of a film, choose Mixkit as it has a wide collection of hundreds of music tracks available for free. Using this platform, the users can enjoy each of the tracks before downloading them in mp3 format. So, if you’re tired of listening to the same tracks, this refreshing tool is surely a try for all the YouTubers and music composers.

    Sound Effects

    If you’re hunting for some outstanding sound effects for your new video, then Mixkit will not disappoint. Here, you can expect unique sound effects categorized into categories differently, including fireworks, and sci-fi films, among others. The tool proves as a goldmine for anyone who is making animations as it allows you to listen and play the sound effects before downloading the sounds in the .wav format.

    Video Clips

    As we mentioned above about the wide video library that the tool has, it also categorizes their videos into several categories, including nature, fashion, etc. Here, you can witness a large number of vertical videos suitable for use in video projects as well as social media channels. The users can also download amazing background videos layered with other text elements, in case they are hunting to edit their videos. At Mixkit, you’ll also get a separate category dedicated to Zoom virtual backgrounds ideal for making video streams, online interviews, etc.

    Key Features of Mixkit

    Some top features that the users can enjoy here include:

    • Huge Content Varieties: We can witness the addition of more diverse content options including audio clips, graphics, and illustrations that work wonders by letting the creators access a huge selection of free content to incorporate into their work matters.
    • Search Functionality Enhanced: Next, we can expect an enhanced search function at Mixkit which includes filters or sorting options, ultimately helping creators to find the right sources they require.
    • Generous Updates: When you get generous updates on any website or tool, it proves the authenticity of that tool and this tool is no less. The users can expect all-time updates on this platform to include new content can keep creators entertained and returning to see more.
    • Enhanced Content Quality: The quality of the content is crucial even though these are free assets, so we hope to see more carefully curated collections on Mixkit.

    Details About Mixkit Licensing

    The six types of licenses available here include the following projects:

    1. Stock Video License

    The projects are mentioned down here:

    • YouTube videos
    • Social Media video posts
    • Online marketing ads
    • Educational purposes
    • Music videos
    • Commercial projects
    • Filmmaking
    1. Stock Video Restricted License

    The projects include:

    • Personal Projects
    • Educational Purposes
    • Personal social media posts
    • Commercial Projects
    • Company Social Media posts
    • YouTube videos
    1. Stock Music Free License

    The projects involve:

    • Podcasts
    • Social Media video posts
    • Online marketing ads
    • Educational Purposes
    • YouTube videos
    1. Sound Effects Free License

    The users can use the sound effects available on Mixkit for both commercial and personal projects like:

    • YouTube Videos
    • Social Media Posts
    • Advertisements
    • CDs Commercial Projects
    • Educational Projects
    • Radio and TV Broadcasts
    • Videos Games

    You can also register them and claim them as yours or distribute them without making major modifications.

    1. Video Templates with Free License

    The users can use the Licensed Video for both commercial and non-commercial projects for no cost. The projects may be YouTube videos, film-making, advertisements, online educational projects, etc. Not only this, but Mixkit allows you to sub-license these templates to clients as well.

    1. Art Free License

    The artwork and illustrations in the Art Free License are free to use in personal or commercial projects. You can therefore apply them to social media websites, print projects, online advertisements, etc.

    Limitation To The Mixkit Tool

    Some minus points about this platform may include the following:

    • No stock images: They currently do not offer Free stock pictures on their website. If they can integrate their feature with this, Mixkit can become a great source for low-cost stock images.
    • No Account: Next, the users face issues making wish lists and browsing their downloaded items simply because the platform doesn’t allow for any account registration.
    • No Special Collection: Another, is that the library is restricted to more than fifty thousand assets, but they don’t provide any information about the amount of assets for each category.
    • Upsells for Envato Products: In the whole interface of Mixkit you can find ads and promotions to upgrade the software to Envato Elements. 
    • Non-Customer Support: As per our review, we found that the website is not equipped with any support pages or live chat features, nor do they have an email number to contact for questions. 

    Top 15 Must-Try Mixkit Alternatives

    • Openverse
    • Pexels
    • Motosha
    • Motion Array
    • Shutterstock
    • Getty Images
    • Mazwai
    • Vidsplay
    • Placekitten
    • Videvo
    • Unsplash
    • Wikimedia Commons
    • Death to The Stock Photo
    • StockSnap
    • PicJumbo


    Being a tool that offers so much for your video projects, we tried our best to cover everything you need to learn about this fantastic tool right now in this piece. Being a service of Envato Elements, Mixkit is advertised as a treasure of totally free audio and video elements of resources without restriction. The tool requires no login process and a simple website visit and you are good to go for your next video project.

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