Rugby is one of the world’s most-watched close-contact team sports. It’s played globally but is primarily highly popular in North America, Europe, and Southern Hemisphere countries, including Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand.

    There are betting markets for rugby matches as well. If you’re interested, this article will walk you through the fundamentals of rugby betting that will maximize your gambling experience and increase your winning odds. 

    Sign Up With Multiple Bookmakers

    Many professional bettors hold accounts at different sports betting companies for a reason. Whether you want to bet on NRL games domestically or international competitions such as the Champions Cup, it ensures you can choose the match of your choice. 

    Registering with as many bookmakers as possible allows odds shopping as well. This is shopping around for the best game total, point spread, and moneyline prices. In other words, it helps you choose the best offer, one of the bankroll management strategies. 

    Many bettors neglect the 2% price difference, saying, “It’s nothing!” You may not realize the difference on the first day, but this 2% is already huge. Betting is about making a constant and systematic profit, not breaking your bank the first week. 

    Shopping for the best prices through multiple bookmakers gives you more bang for your buck. Just two minutes of added research can help you earn not only an informed decision but also an extra $150 possible return.

    Pay Attention to The International Calendar

    In the case of international matches, it’s essential to give a more analytical look at your rugby predictions. After registering with multiple bookmaking companies, look at the international calendar. 

    The international calendar tells you a lot. It informs you about international rugby match schedules, giving you an idea of a team’s heavy training schedule. Note that international rugby matches are among the team sports where clubs don’t take a break. 

    Besides the schedules, the international calendar also indicates the level of commitment of important players. For example, heavy international fixtures may mean the absence of big-name players. In other words, a team without international players or commitments often has the advantage over time, so be sure to consider this factor before betting. 

    Look Into Players’ Fitness and Motivation

    Rugby requires players to have a higher energy reserve than many other team sports. That’s why the team’s fitness, form, and genuine motivation to win directly impact the final result of a match.

    For example, if Exeter prepares for the Rugby Champions Cup, an important European fixture, they’ll play more conservatively in national championship games. Even after this big match, they’ll likely lose more points at a national level due to the team’s state. 

    Analyze Current Rankings

    Another to note is that rugby is often cyclical. It means the sport is regularly patterned or occurring in regular intervals, both at the national and international levels. Hence, analyzing the current ranking between two teams before betting is essential. 

    For example, international rugby is highly influenced by teams from the southern hemisphere. Specifically, these include New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. Taking these historical periods of dominance into consideration will help you get a better prediction on a rugby game. 

    Consider Handicap Betting

    Draws and shock upsets to dominance in rugby are rare. Leading teams win by a wide points margin. What’s more, this huge difference in score can be even accentuated more by the offensive bonus points. 

    To enjoy better odds and potential gains when a team is a heavy favorite to win, play the score spreads and place handicap bets. In handicap betting, one of the two teams has a hypothetical advantage or disadvantage called “handicap,” making the game more balanced.

    To cover the bet and win, here’s how handicap betting goes: 

    • The team with the positive handicap – can draw, win, or lose the match by less than the handicap
    • The team with the negative handicap – should win the match by more than the points set out in the handicap  

    Overall, handicap betting gives players the same odds and equal opportunities for success, regardless of their skill levels. Bettors can also play at different stakes, which helps them manage risk while still boosting their chances of winning more. 

    How to Ensure a Rugby Tip is Reliable?

    Taking a closer and careful look at the odds offered by the bookmakers helps ensure you’re making the best predictions. Keep in mind that the ratio between the odds offered and the probabilities of a bet will easily indicate the reliability of a prediction. 

    This is when the first tip—signing up with multiple bookmakers—also matters. Before placing your bet, whether on a domestic or international match, compare the match’s estimates to the odds offered by various online sports betting sites to check the reliability of a prediction.

    Final Thoughts

    Always enjoy and pocket small wins. Like in any sports betting, there’s no guaranteed profit in rugby betting. After all, it’s meant for entertainment, not as an income stream. More importantly, remember the golden rule: don’t bet more than what you can’t afford. Gamble responsibly!