Introduction: NewTumbl

    Several social media platforms are on the internet every day. Users accept the NewTumbl as an alternative to one of the most famous adult social media portals, Tumblr. Besides, it also became famous due to its policies, and the same policies became the reason for its downfall. 

    In this article, we are going learn about the NewTumbl platform and the causes of its failure. Apart from that, we will also learn about the difference between NewTumbl and Tumblr platforms to understand the downfall of this website.

    What is NewTumbl?

    NewTumbl became an alternative to Tumblr after its ban on adult content. Most users moved from Tumblr to NewTumbl because of freedom of speech and allowing adult content on its portal. Initially, it succeeded in attracting millions of users of Tumblr to its new platforms and allowing them to use NSFW content. 

    Newtumbl became the first choice of adult content creators. However, with time, it started to lose its credibility, and its active users count too. But why was it unable to compete with the Tumblr platform in the long run?

    Differences Between NewTumbl and Tumblr

    Let’s understand some significant differences between the NewTumbl and Tumblr platforms. Through these differences, we can find the reason for its downfall. The differences are:

    • Funding: 

    Funding plays a vital role in running a platform. Tumblr has massive financing of its users and other sources. On the other hand, it received a limited user base to offer such funding to run the platform.

    According to the last tweet of the NewTumbl’s Twitter account, they mentioned there was a huge blast. That indicates funding issues or legal issues while running the platform.

    • Policies: 

    Policies have their contribution to making a platform successful. Regarding social media platforms, the guidelines need to be simple and strict. In the situation of NewTumbl, the policies are very complex to understand. It removes the content of its users by mentioning it. 

    • Policy violations:

    On the other hand, Tumblr offers simple and easy-to-understand guidelines. Tumblr users use the warning strategy to remove any content from its platform. It means the content creators of Tumblr get a warning message about their content before removal and the reason behind it.

    • Active Users: 

    Undoubtedly, NewTumbl became popular after Tumblr introduced its policy about adult content. According to Tumblr’s new policy, sexual content will be banned. Hence, the users of Tumblr start to find the alternative. 

    It offers the freedom of speech but with lots of complexity. It helped to gain a massive user count. Still, Tumblr changed the game when the platform modified its Adult content policy, and it started losing its active users.

    • Establishment: 

    Tumblr is a well-established platform. That makes a massive difference while running the social media platform. On the other hand, NewTumbl is in its initial stage. It has to face lots of challenges while running the forum.

    Why Did NewTumbl Shut Down?

     In the initial stage, the NewTumbl attracts many users to their platform. But, it could have lived up to the expectations of users. Here is how:

    • Lack of Resources: 

    According to NewTumbl’s content handling process, it shows the platform needs more resources. Because several users of this platform mentioned their content removal without any policy violation. It shows the NewTumbl portal does not have the manpower or resources to verify the content on their portal. Many users also notice it because the approval takes much time, even more than usual.

    • Weak and Complex Policies: 

    The major issue with NewTumbl is weak and difficult policies. For one user, a specific act is violence of policies, but for another user, that is not. It becomes challenging for the users of this portal to upload their NSFW content on this portal. 

    The NewTumbl portal users need help understanding what they should upload to prevent content removal from their accounts. As a result, the users choose another platform than NewTumbl to share their NSFW content.

    • Lack of Marketing:

    It needs to market its platform as a social media platform should be. The total count of their other social media profile is less than 10,000 followers. That became one of the reasons why NewTumbl did not sustain itself in the social media world. 

    Besides, the marking of a platform plays a vital role in the platform’s success. Hence, various platforms spend millions to promote their portal on other social media channels over the internet.

    • The Communication Gap: 

    Communication is an essential part of enhancing the user base of a social media platform. It helps the platform to gain the audience’s trust regarding their services. It should have invested its time in communicating with its users.

    The combination of other social media following of NewTumbl is less than 10000, including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. That shows the massive communication gap between the NewTumbl and their users. Besides, it also does not provide any explanation while shutting down the portal. On the portal and Twitter, a message says, it’s been a blast.

    Is NewTumbl still accessible?

    While visiting its official URL, it says, “It’s been a blast. Thanks for your patronage.” The message indicates that it’s facing some severe issues. The issues can be related to funding or the legality of this portal. But it should have made a public statement about continuing its services. The platform has been down since 7 June 2023; after that, there has been no response from the creators of this platform. Hence, the existing users of NewTumbl are hunting for another alternative platform for themselves.  


    It gained massive users around the globe after the announcement of Tumblr’s ban of adult content from their portal. However, due to a lack of resources, weak policies, and lack of marketing, the NewTumbl did not receive the success it should have. Besides, it did not commit to their comeback on the internet. The users of NewTumbl are looking for alternatives to this portal, and many users are returning to the Tumblr platform.