Quality assurance is one of the important aspects of every roofing project. Professional roofers need to choose the best quality roofing materials and construct the roof flawlessly. Reliable roofing agencies want to implement the most effective quality control methods to provide the desired results. You will not face issues with your roof in the future. So, which are the most significant factors related to roof quality assurance?

    A Uniform Roof Surface-

    A simple inspection allows roofers to determine whether the roofing structure has been installed appropriately. If the overall roof surface appears to be consistent, it proves the workmanship of the contractor. But, if your roofers have found any patches, it indicates issues with the roof installation process.

    Efficient roofers know how to align every shingle properly. It will improve the look of the roofing structure and minimize the risk of leaks. If your roofing contractor has used quality throughout the roof, shingles will deteriorate at the same rate. 

    Proper Nailing of your Roofing Shingles-

    Experienced roofing experts understand the importance of proper nailing of shingles. It will prevent the risk of excess overhanging. In case of a flawlessly installed roof, the shingles’ edges will hang over the structure at 1 to ½”.

    If there is excess overhanging, strong winds will blow off your roofing shingles. On the contrary, if the overhanging is not enough, it causes an overflow of water into your fascia board.

    During the quality assurance process, roofing contractors in Phoenix will try to check for sliding and lopsided shingles. You should rely on qualified roof installers to avoid any issues in the future; they have knowledge and skills for meeting your roofing needs. 

    The Condition of your Roof Flashing-

    Roof contractors must install flashing to pass the water in the right direction. So, it will prevent moisture from affecting your skylights, roof valleys, or chimneys. Regardless of the type of roof, flashing is important for water damage protection. Your roofers may choose steel, copper, or aluminum flashing for your roof.

    However, if the flashing is not installed properly, it has to be replaced or repaired within a short time. Therefore, roof quality control should focus on an inspection of the flashing.

    Proper Ventilation-

    This is another consideration for preventing excess moisture and heat in the attic. High moisture or heat causes faster deterioration of roofing shingles. As a result, there will be mildew and mold growth in your roof. If not repaired, it will damage the wooden parts of your attic and roof. Expert roofers will always try to check whether there is enough ventilation.

    Your Roof Deck-

    If the roof deck is in good condition, it ensures longevity and improved performance of your shingles. A damaged roof deck affects shingles, and you will find signs of leaks.

    Professional roofers will give you a detailed report on their roof quality control process. You can understand the condition of your roof and make a decision. Experienced roofers in Phoenix always show the best workmanship in their roofing projects. Reach out to experts and you’ll sleep easy knowing your roof is in great hands!