You do not have to spend a ton of money on a smartphone. There are available phones in the market like the HONOR Magic 4 Lite which is in the midrange niche. You will also find cheaper ones like the HONOR X6a depending on your location. Read more to find out about the cheap phones to buy when you are tight on your budget.

    Phones to Buy If You Are on a Budget

    HONOR Magic4 Lite

    The first on the list of phones to buy if you are on a budget is the HONOR Magic4 Lite. It is priced in the midrange category because it is the lite version of its big brother, the HONOR Magic4 Pro. It has a Fullview Display with a refresh rate of up to 90Hz. The screen size of the phone is 6.81 inches. This is great for online browsing, checking emails, looking at your social media, and watching videos.  The screen-to-body ratio of this device is 94 percent.

    This phone supports multi-tasking because of its power-efficient Snapdragon chipset with the multi-core smart engine.

    The HONOR Magic4 Lite recharges to 81 percent after 30 minutes because of the SuperCharge feature of the phone. You can also use this device for a full day because of its 4800mAh capacity. Combining these two features, you are sure to have an available charge whenever you need to use your device.

    HONOR X6a

    One of the cheapest and most reliable phones that you can get is the HONOR X6a. This has all your essentials for your smartphone. You get a 5200mAh battery for this device. This phone will surely last all day even if you use it for your daily tasks. In this device, you also acquire a large internal storage, that is, 128GB. You no longer have to worry about where to save your photos, videos, and other files because you have enough on this device.

    The display of this phone also does not disappoint. It has a 90Hz refresh rate to make the whole screen interaction smooth and seamless. The HONOR X6a also provides eye comfort and protection.

    HONOR 70

    You can also check the N series from HONOR because they offer great value for money. The HONOR 70 received the Best Buy Smartphone award from EISA in 2022 because of its photographic quality, modern and slim finish, and curved design. The exterior of the phone is elegant. The dual-curved arcs extend in both directions as the screen and back cover have a symmetrical style.

    The HONOR 70 is made for vlogging. It has different video modes to make the perfect video posting. You can choose the Solo Cut Mode to focus on one person even when he moves to the side of the camera. You can also switch the focus of the camera to another person with just a tap of the finger. Simultaneously record both the solo mode and full view with this device.


    Spending money on a smartphone may not be the focus for some people. But even if this is so, you should still think about the smartphone that you will buy the next time that you are on the look out for a budget smartphone. If you are willing to invest in a midrange phone, you can select the HONOR Magic 4 Lite. The HONOR 70 is a nice phone to choose from if you prefer good cameras to capture those special moments in your life. The cheapest on the list is HONOR X6a. The three phones all have colorful displays,