Are you curious about your mobile phone security in this digital age? You should be because your phone security is more critical than ever. 

    Currently, Cyber threats and other malicious activities have been on the rise. We need to safeguard our mobile phone security. There are two standard methods for securing your mobile phone security. One is a VPN, and the other one is a firewall.  

    But do you know about these services? And which one you should get for your phone’s security?  In this blog, we will provide the difference between these two and let you decide which one to choose. 

    What is a VPN? 

    A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that encrypts your internet connection. VPN helps you access all the geo-restricted content. It changes your IP address and provides you with safe and secure access. You can bypass all the restrictions using a secure VPN. 

    Just suppose you are on vacation in the Philippines. You want to watch your favorite movie but can’t access it due to geo-restrictions in that region. You will get frustrated. But you can watch all your favorite movies on Disney Plus in Philippines using a reliable VPN. 

    Pros and cons of VPN 

    Are you aware of the advantages of a VPN? There are many. VPN is a secure app that encrypts your data and improves communication security. It also blocks and secures your network from attacks and data breaches. 

    It encrypts your IP address to save your device from any cyber-attacks. The secure VPN also helps you protect, identify, and unblock the content on streaming services for you. A VPN is the best choice if you don’t want to compromise your mobile privacy. 

    If you want to use a VPN, you need to subscribe by paying the fee. This is the only con of VPNs, as free VPNs are not free. 

    What is Firewall? 

    A firewall is a device that acts as a protective barrier between your mobile device and the internet. Firewalls usually monitor incoming and outgoing data traffic on your device. It allows or blocks any app or traffic based on predefined rules. 

    There are different firewalls available, like NoRoot, that help you block traffic and unauthorized access reaching your device or network. The firewall also blocks malicious websites or apps on your mobile. 

    Pros and Cons of Firewall 

    Do you need clarification about what a firewall does? One of the significant roles of a Firewall is to prevent unauthorized access to your device. The firewall also restricts specific apps from accessing. They only protect your device from external threats.

    A firewall differs from a VPN as it does not hide your IP address. Additionally, firewalls are free and accessible to everyone but are less secure than a reliable VPN. 

    Differences Between VPN and Firewall 

    Are you wondering what makes a VPN different from Firewall?  Let us clear your doubts. A secure and reliable VPN hides all your personal information like location, IP address, and password to protect you from threats. On the other hand, the firewall just restricted network access to stop threats. It uses predefined rules to block certain apps from your device. 

    The question is how a firewall blocks incoming traffic. Firewall blocks traffic by regulating ports. On the other hand, how does a VPN protect outgoing traffic? VPN changes your IP address to safeguard outgoing traffic on your device. 

    The primary purpose of a firewall is to protect your device from unauthorized access to public WIFI. However, the case of a VPN is different as it protects your device from data thefts and cyber-attacks while using a public WIFI. 

    Now, are you thinking about what you should use for your device? Should you get a Firewall or a VPN? Look no further! 

    Should You Get a Firewall or A VPN? 

    Your decision to choose between these two entirely depends on your needs. For what purpose do you want these?

    Just suppose you only want to limit which apps you want to access the internet, or you just want to save your device from external threats. In this scenario, the firewall can be a good fit for you. 

    If external threats and restricted apps are your primary concern, you want to use a service that encrypts your data. VPN can be a good fit for you as it not only hides your IP address but also protects your personal information. Premium VPNs also protect your privacy and security. 

    Wrapping Up 

    Your confusion must be clear as to what to choose: a VPN or a Firewall. It is essential to first understand your needs before looking for options. Once you know what you need, you can make an informed decision.

    Both a VPN and a Firewall can be used, and both are completely safe. The decision only depends on what you want to protect your device. The key is to understand your needs before deciding to choose the one!