Madhya Pradesh is a great state with many creative angles that make it move forward at best. There has been stories to corruption in the state. However, it is not that big compare to some of the other states. But it seems that out of all, MP is the state that would break the boundaries and make sure that it can stand out things for the best of levels. This is something that shows the impact of Madhya Pradesh. But it seems that state needs more to make sure that MP can become an asset to a mega level.

    Need an IT hub

    Information Technology is something that makes India thrive. Like a host of states in India now have an IT hub. This helps them to make more rich people stay and spend in the city for various reasons. But MP has not got one despite the crime rate and other problems they do not have. Even looking at the state, it is very clean and decent in feeling cold and hot temperature. This tells that inviting brands in their boundaries and making them work would show the best of skills to shine. In IT Sector every government have their own Standardized app such BMTC LMS, Pay manager, and etc. These Platform helps to increase their response toward city management.

    Promote Rich History

    There are many states that have beach or mountains. For them, to bring people is not very hard. But the overall culture of promoting things can hard when the right marketing tools are not being used. It would cost the money, but the returns would be massive. This is what that world needs to think in deep for make sure that it can show the right culture of MP to the mega level. This way MPIGR can deliver the smooth best to the creative level. Hence, the state should promote it to the deeper level at the best.

    Make youth better

    There are good professional coming from MP. But overall they are not that big in numbers if compare to other states. So if a kid from MP becomes that big that it inspires and make investment in the state that is not possible otherwise. This is why the kids should learn from more particle way. It is something most states in India are lacking. So the best way possible would be to make the overall structure of MP better and a better MP can really workout for all to deliver smooth best. It grows the overall structure to the mega level.

    Final Words

    See MP is moving as a state and but the right angle should be taken for good as this way it can really help in making sure that a state with a lot of potential can work out. This is way it is required to make sire that madhya pradesh and other plans can make the life of people easier. This is the way that works out very well to move thing to the core level. And it is something that moves things to the mega level and makes sure that numbers can be creative at the mega level. It is something that is best to learn. 

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