Instagram reels are one of the best features of Instagram and have taken its popularity to the next level. They play an exceptional role in enhancing your Instagram reach and audience engagement. Today, we will discuss how to make catchy Instagram reel covers.

    It will help you boost your engagement and the chances of your content going viral by grabbing the attention of the maximum audience. If you want to increase your fan following, you should also try this trick. Let’s dive in.

    What is the Importance of Adding IG Reel Covers? 

    Instagram reel covers act as thumbnails that give viewers a brief idea of what they should expect from your reel. It adds a creative and professional touch to each Insta reel. Catchy reel covers appeal more to the audience and help you increase your Instagram reach and audience engagement. They give an aesthetic view to your profile grid and leave a positive impression on your followers.

    Top Methods to Add Fancy Covers to Instagram Reel

    Just like YouTube’s thumbnail, a blog post’s featured image, or a podcast’s background banner, Instagram also introduced the feature of adding a cover image to your Instagram reel. Such still images help the viewers decide what they should pick to watch in the first place. Utilizing an Instagram reel downloader 4k can help you get ideas for IG reel covers. These tools allow you to save from Insta reels to your device, making it easier to select engaging covers for your content. To Instagram reel video download from a competitor’s account, you gain creative control over your cover images. Once you’ve collected the reel content with an Instagram reel downloader, you can edit and customize the covers with text, graphics, and filters, making them visually appealing and attention-grabbing for your Instagram Reel covers.

    Following are some top methods to help you add a catchy cover image to your Instagram reels.  

    Within Instagram 

    Adding reel covers helps you attract maximum viewership in the first 24 hours of posting them. Follow the given steps for adding the reel cover within the Instagram app.

    • Open the Instagram app and click the “+” icon to create or upload your reel.
    • Press the “Next” button, open the settings menu, and select “Edit Cover”.
    • Select a catchy still by dragging the cursor from your Instagram reel. But make sure that it looks good on your profile grid after watching it in the preview.

    Camera Roll

    Crafting a catchy cover for your Instagram reels is an art you can effortlessly learn to grab viewers’ attention. Another way to add a cover image to your Insta reel is as follows.

    • Create your reel and open the settings menu before posting it.
    • Write a captain, tag your friends, and click “Cover.”
    • Click “Add from camera roll” and upload an image from your mobile gallery. You can also edit this cover by using any third-party editing app.

    How to Edit Covers of Uploaded Instagram Reels?

    After updating the reel covers on your profile grid, you may have thoughts about what to do with your previously uploaded reels. If yes, then no worries, and follow the given steps to edit your already uploaded reel cover images.

    1. Find the Uploaded Reel

    Open Instagram and find the uploaded reel whose cover you want to change.

    1. Edit the Cover

    Press the three dots on your right-hand side and click the “Edit” option. Now adjust the cover following the steps listed above. 

    1. Click Done

    Look at the preview of your reel; if you feel satisfied, click Done. You can follow this same procedure with all your uploaded Insta reels. 


    Crafting an appealing reel cover image can be tricky. But once you know how to do it, you can earn many benefits by grabbing the viewer’s attention. Thanks to Instagram’s latest feature, you can edit your cover images, like YT thumbnails, to intrigue your viewers. We explored the importance of catchy reel covers to Instagram reels and how to add them to your reels today.