Online gambling and sports betting are growing industries in the United States. Websites and mobile apps are becoming a lot more popular than they’ve ever been. They tend to generate much more profit and contribute greatly to the economy. That is why most states are beginning to legalize the practice.

    However, as many might know, there are still plenty of states that refuse to legalize online gambling. Most do so out of genuine concern for their citizens. And while that concern is misplaced, it is understandable. Unfortunately, Arizona is just such a state.

    Gambling Laws in Arizona

    We don’t mean to say that all forms of gambling are illegal in Arizona. Legal adults can freely enter a gambling establishment and play all of their favorite games. Blackjack, poker, roulette, and, of course, slots are all available at the land-based casinos in the state.

    But, what concerns us is the current state of Arizona’s online gambling. Are residents allowed to play gambling games for real money on their PCs or phones? That is much more of a legal gray area than land-based gambling, so we’d like to review the state laws and restrictions.

    Online Casino Websites in Arizona

    Arizona has not issued any laws regarding online casinos, meaning there are no gambling websites in the state. However, residents can freely access offshore websites and play any game. Indeed, according to most experts, residents of Arizona have been playing at offshore casinos for the past decade or even longer.

    Many Arizonians still prefer to visit land-based casinos, which is understandable. After all, most people hear stories about an Arizona gambler who won big in Vegas and think the same accomplishment is impossible online. However, they might be surprised to learn that similarly hefty payouts have also been bestowed from online casinos.

    Mobile Gambling in Arizona

    Here is where it gets tricky. While Arizona does not prohibit online gambling, they do prohibit mobile gambling. If you use a smartphone, you won’t have much luck accessing your favorite gambling or sports betting apps.

    Many lawmakers believe that mobile gambling leads to an increased risk of problem gambling. While the claim is dubious, it is understandable why they might want to protect their residents from harm. Still, Arizona gamblers have been asking for mobile gambling legalization for a long time. We will see the laws change in the future.

    Legal Online Gambling in Arizona?

    Are there any options for legal online gambling in Arizona? Well, there are. The only option that gamblers have if they want to do their business legally online is sports betting. Like most of America, Arizona has a deep passion for sports, and betting is one of the ways to boost your engagement and interest in the industry.

     However, it is worth noting that even sports betting apps get blocked in the state. Though online sports betting is perfectly legal, mobile sports betting is restricted. This means bettors must wait until they reach their PC to place a wager on their favorite sport.

    Speaking of favorite sports, what are the most popular sports to wager on in Arizona? Well, you’ll certainly find the usual suspects: football, baseball, horse racing, and golf are all among the most popular wagering sports in the state.

    Will the Laws Change Soon?

    If we are honest, we’d say there is no sign of change right now. The way things stand, it seems most Arizona residents are happy with the laws in place, and those that aren’t finding ways to gamble within the state’s legal parameters. It seems change is not coming shortly.

    However, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. As we said at the start of the article, online casinos are becoming more popular than ever and generating a lot more revenue. The gaming world is going through something of an evolution, creating better and more immersive games.

    The state of Arizona might want a piece of that pie. We expect that online casinos will become legal by federal law. However, Arizona state laws may change even if that does not happen.


    Is gambling legal in Arizona?

    Gambling is legal in Arizona. You must be 18+ to enter a gambling establishment and place a wager.

    Is online gambling legal in Arizona?

    Online gambling exists in a legal gray area. While there are no laws prohibiting it, there are also no laws regulating it. Which means no online casinos are operating out of Arizona.

    Can I play at offshore casinos in Arizona?

    Yes. That is the only option for online casino fans in Arizona.

    Are sports betting online legal in Arizona?

    Yes. Online sports betting is the only form of legal online gambling in Arizona. Sports fans can open up their favorite sites and place a wager on their home teams.

    Is mobile gambling legal in Arizona?

    No. Mobile gambling in any form is completely banned. Even sportsbook apps are blocked in Arizona.