Online businesses have come a long way since the heady days of directory listings and shady backlink campaigns. Modern online companies demand a far more sophisticated approach to wooing potential customers and marketing to them effectively. Fortunately, there have also been plenty of solutions that have kept pace with this rapid change and developed various tools to help entrepreneurs meet the demands of this brave new world.

    It Can Help You With Your Retargeting Efforts

    Retargeting is a powerful tool for online marketers of any ilk. It allows businesses to remain top of mind with consumers after an initial website visit or if they abandoned their cart for whatever reasons. By using SafeOpt, brands gain access to a suite of tools that enable them to make use of this exceptionally powerful tool. Through retargeting displays, businesses can subtly encourage customers to return to the site and complete a purchase, thus boosting their ability to turn a profit. Advertisers deploy retargeting tracking pixels on their websites that observe visitors’ behavior. When a user leaves the site, the pixel notifies whichever platform they are using for this purpose and then proceeds to implement a series of actions based on the inputs you provide. By “re-exposing” potential customers to a brand message, retargeting gently nudges visitors back toward the desired outcome, namely conversion. The advantage of this particular technique is that it takes advantage of human psychology: people are more inclined to purchase something familiar than something entirely new. In essence, retargeting extends the reach of your initial marketing dollars and can help you convince those who haven’t yet made a purchase to do so at marginal additional cost.

    They Use Permission-Based Personalization

    Modern problems require modern solutions, so the saying goes, and one current solution to the age-old problem of users being averse to having their data used without their knowledge is to utilize permission-based personalization. Permission-based personalization is a practical approach for online marketers looking to strengthen customer relationships. By obtaining individuals’ consent, advertisers can gain deeper insights into consumers’ wants and needs. The practice allows businesses to deliver highly tailored experiences and, when done correctly, feels less like an interruption and more like a helpful recommendation. For brands, this manifests as a way to use a specific set of data that a consumer has winningly given in exchange for something. This means they can then target them more effectively with offers they will actually want without blasting them with irrelevant offers. For the customer, a personalized experience on websites and in communications makes the shopping journey smoother. They see options more closely aligned with their preferences. This increases the chances a person will find what they want without extensive searching. The platform we are discussing today specifically uses permission-based personalization as part of its core offering, allowing consumers and brands to reap the rewards.

    You Can Avoid The Complex Web Of Data Regulation

    Navigating the evolving landscape of data privacy regulations is an important task for modern marketers. An intricate web of laws has emerged to safeguard consumers as digital technologies transform how information is collected and used. While this has been an unmitigated success for the end user, it has added additional layers of complexity for businesses that need reams of data for their marketing efforts. While compliance brings certain constraints, taking time to comprehend differing policies can also help fine-tune online strategies. Marketers who thoughtfully respect individuals’ data rights are building goodwill with customers and future-proofing their approaches. When brands make use of this platform, they are able to bypass such constraints as the platform has already done the heavy lifting regarding data security.

    Hundreds Of Millions Of People Use Their Services

    As it currently stands, this platform has over 175 million users, all of whom have willingly given up some of their data in exchange for receiving relevant offers without being bombarded by inane and annoying promotional efforts. Consequently, these users are primed and in buying mode as long as the right offer comes along. By gaining access to these millions of users, you can dramatically boost your bottom line and keep those who are interested in your products or services as lifetime customers.

    They Use A Performance-Based Pricing Model

    Tools, tools, and more tools. As more and more sophistication is required for efficient and productive marketing, companies and their respective marketing departments have discovered that they must invest in a myriad of tools and platforms to help them get the job done. This invariably means that they are spending more money than ever before and, in some cases, bloating their marketing budgets without a must to show for it. Nonetheless, using a platform that offers a performance-based pricing model can dramatically reduce budgets while providing only what they need. This means that all organizations, from the largest to the most diminutive, gain access to a suite of incredibly powerful marketing opportunities.

    It’s Possible To Collaborate With Other Brands

    Brand collaboration can be somewhat of a holy grail when it comes to cross-promotion and extending your reach. When done effectively, it allows companies to reach new audiences and build awareness in a far more credible way than if they went alone. In some ways, you could say it harnesses the power of two or more brands, increasing recognition and ability to reach each brand’s market. It also opens the opportunity to introduce each other’s products or services to those who may not have been aware previously. While there is a risk if the collaboration does not feel genuine, the potential rewards for both partners make it a strategy more companies are considering to expand their revenues and brand affinity. 

    The Platform Allows You To Increase Customer Loyalty

    By embracing the privacy-first features that this platform provides, it’s possible to build a large audience that is both loyal and primed for action. Those loyal to a brand are far less likely to switch companies casually and are often more willing to pay a premium for the pleasure of using a provider they trust (just look at Apple as an example). 

    It can be difficult for businesses to strike a balance between customer privacy and expanding their customer base, especially as marketing becomes more difficult due to various concerns around privacy. However, when you utilize platforms like the one mentioned throughout this post, you can alleviate many of these issues and enjoy its plentiful advantages.